The product is obtained in the process of drying the intermediate product formed after elimination of the non-protein components from liquid whey.



WPC 34, WPC 80 it is used in the food industry. Protein fortified foods, beverages, bakery and confectionery industry, sausages, dietary products and products for babies.

Whey proteins concentrates   the product has high nutritional value and anabolic activity, the WPC Instant -Regular has been considersd as a highly effective source of dietary protein for high-performance athletes and physically active people.  A cheaper substitute for skimmed milk powder WPC 34, an alternative to chicken proteins WPC 80, it increases the nutritional value of the finished product, good water-binding capacity, gelling properties, excellent stabilizer, good solubility, improved viscosity, foaming properties.


Multi-layer paper bags with the inside polyethylene insert of a net weight of 1000 kg.

Best before:

 24 months from date of manufacture.

Storage conditions:

Temperature below 25ºC and humidity of 75%