The products are made of milk, which under the influence of the respective bacteria turns into a clot or „curd”. Depending on the strain of bacteria used, the cheese flavor becomes varied. At the beginning each cheese is white and some unripened cheeses are consumed in this form, e.g. mozzarella. Other cheeses are subjected to further processing, they are deposited in the ripening room – a place of the right temperature – humidity, where they are ripening and get yellow colour, and in those to which the appropriate bacteria are added, through fermentation, holes are formed.

– Edam – Gouda – Maasdam – Emmental –  Cagliata –  Mozarella – Cheddar –Tylżycki.

– Cheese Imitation Product (like the Dutch, Swiss type)

– Processed cheese.


They are used in the food industry, pizza, processed cheese, the retail sector, catering, hotel industry.

Cheese is a product of easily digestible protein, a good source of calcium, which is needed to maintain strong bones, cheese can ripen a few days or a few months or even a few years, the longer it ripens, the harder it becomes, and the flavour becomes stronger.



Individually cut blocks, packed in cardboard boxes, various sizes.

Best before:

 2-18 months from date of production in original packaging.

Storage conditions:

The product should be stored in a cool, dry place at temperatures between 2 and 4°C, humidity below 80%