The product is obtained from skimmed milk by elimination of part of the lactose and minerals using ultrafiltration, followed by evaporation and drying.



MPC 40, MPC 56, MPC 86 it is used in the food industry. Protein fortified foods, beverages, bakery and confectionery industry, meat industry, hard cheeses, processed cheeses, yoghurt, diet products.

Milk proteins concentrates products of high nutritional value, processing at low temperature is a guarantee that the protein does not change its structure. The low rate of lactose, MPC in cheese production increases the ability of clot formation, good thermal stability, forms and stabilizes fat mass, it has excellent solubility and dispersibility.


Multi-layer paper bags with the inside polyethylene insert of a net weight of 20-25 kg.

Best before:

 24 months from date of manufacture.

Storage conditions:

Temperature below 25ºC and humidity of 75%