The product is obtained by spray drying of a liquid rennet whey subjected to the chilling process, membrane filtration – nanofiltration, so that a product of extremely low mineral content is obtained. The reduced mineral salt content provides demineralized whey with exceptional organoleptic properties.


It is used in the food industry, as a component of breads, desserts, pastries, sauces, ice cream, candies, chocolate.

Demineralized whey powder is rich in carbohydrates, demineralization degree of 40% , 50% , 90% , cheaper substitute for milk or filler, a substitute for milk solids, emulsifying and browning ability. The taste is more neutral than the taste of simple whey, which makes it possible to use it for wider applications.


Multi-layer paper bags with the inside polyethylene insert of a net weight of 25 kg, packages of „big bag” type 1000 kg, SILO 240000 kg.

Best before:

 12 months from date of manufacture.

Storage conditions:

Temperature below 25ºC and maximum humidity of 75%