Production of skimmed milk powder involves the removal of almost all the water from liquid skimmed milk, which underwent the bactofugation and pasteurization processes. Water is removed in the process of condensing and spray-drying to obtain minimum of 96% dry matter in the finished product. Due to the usage of low temperatures during the processes of pasteurization and condensation, skimmed milk powder has a high WPNI rate > 6.0 mgN/g.


It can be used in many dairy products, UHT milk, condensed milk, milk mixtures as well as in areas such as bakery, confectionery and cold cut meats.

Skimmed milk powder   is characterised by a wealth of proteins, emulsifying ability, high nutritional value, a mild milky taste and good solubility.


Multi-layer paper bags with the inside polyethylene insert of a net weight of 25 kg, packages of „big bag” type 1000 kg, SILO 240000 kg.

Best before:

12 months from date of manufacture.

Storage conditions:                                                                                                      

 Temperature below 25ºC and humidity of 75%