Product obtained from pasteurized cow’s milk, from which a first-quality cream is obtained by whipping, buttermilk removal, cleaning and shaping the desired shape.


It is used in the food industry, ice cream, bakery and other confectionery products, production of ready-made food.

Butter  the product has a butterfat content of min. 82%, lubricant, uniform texture and colour. It contains good cholesterol, as well as vitamins A and D. It is well absorbed. It should be included in the diet of children, pregnant and lactating women, an essential component of a healthy diet.


Cardboard, blocks with a net weight of 20 – 25 kg.

Best before:

Cooled: 3 months from date of manufacture.

Frozen: 12 months from date of manufacture.

Storage conditions:

Cooled:  ≤ 7°C, max. humidity 80 %

Frozen:  – 20°C / -30°C, max. humidity 80%